Pricing Table

Here you can see what we have to offer and what you'll pay for that
Oil Changes (up to 5 qts)Prices
Full Service Oil ChangeFrom $29.99
Full Service High Mileage OilFrom $59.99
Full Service Synthetic OilFrom $59.99
Amsoil Oil ChangeFrom $79.99
European Car 0W40 or 5W40From $129.99
15w40 Extra Heavy Duty DieselFrom $99.99
Air Filter (Improves gas mileage and performance.)From $19.99
Cabin Air Filter (Filters the air you breathe.)From $34.99
Wiper Blades (each)From $19.99
Bulb ReplacementFrom $11.99
Head Light ReplacementFrom $24.99
Preventative MaintenanceFor CarFor Truck
Fuel Injection/ Emission ServiceFrom $69.99From $69.99
Oil System Cleaning ServiceFrom $19.99From $19.99
Fuel Filter ServiceFrom $59.99From $59.99
Differential Fluid ServiceFrom $69.99From $69.99
Serpentine Belt Replacement(No V-Belt)From $99.99From $99.99
Manual Transmission Fluid ServiceFrom $69.99From $69.99
Transmission Fluid ExchangeFrom $119.99From $119.99
Transmission Fluid Exchange & Filter$169.99$169.99
Radiator FlushFrom $69.99From $69.99
Power Steering Fluid ServiceFrom $49.99From $49.99
ServiceFor CarFor Truck
A/C Service R134a 2 lbs$99.99$99.99
A/C Service R-12 callCallCall
Oil System Flush$69.99$69.99
3 Part Fuel System Service$129.99$129.99